Breo iDream5 Head & Eye Massager 

iDream5 adopts air pressure, kneading, and heat compression massage technology to massage the head, the regions around eyes, and the back of neck. It can help sleep while relieving the pressure and fatigue.

It comes with built-in music. You can relax and enjoy your massage to the beat of music. The main unit is detachable and the head circumferences can be adjusted easily to suit for different needs of people.

This massager soothes pressure points around your temples, head, eyes, and back of neck, relieving pressure effectively. Ideal for those who work on a computer or read for extended periods.

Under the control of mobile phone app ID5, the massage mode and intensity can be adjusted easily according to your need. With the mobile phone app, you may quickly customize the intensity and mode of massage, select a preferred heat compression, and focus the massage contacts and air bags on the proper area around your head and eyes.

Height 10.75
Width 9.00
Depth 10.50
Weight 5.00